Alert Notice 442: Nova Scorpii 2011 = PNV J16551100-3838120 [V1312 Sco]

June 3, 2011

Event: Nova Scorpii 2011 = PNV J16551100-3838120  [V1312 Sco]

Discovered by: John Seach, Chatsworth Island, NSW, Australia

Discovery Date: 2011 June 1.40 UT

Discovery Magnitude: magnitude 9.5 on three CCD images (limiting
mag 11.0) taken with a digital SLR camera (+ 50-mm f/1.2 lens
+ orange filter).  

Coordinates: R.A. = 16:55:11, Decl. = -38:38:12 (equinox 2000.0)

Spectra: Three sets of spectra have been reported:
 - Obtained by Bernard Heathcote, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia,
through cloud on Jun 2.4896 UT shows H-alpha emission.
 - Obtained by A. Arai, T. Kajikawa, and M. Nagashima, Kyoto Sangyo
University, Japan, on 2011 June 2.68 UT using the 1.3-m Araki
telescope (+ LOSA/F2) suggests that the object is a classical nova
in outburst with high interstellar reddening. Spectrum at (via vsnet).
 - Obtained by Masayuki Yamanaka and Ryosuke Itoh, Hiroshima
University, Japan, on Jun 2 UT (no time given) with 1.5m Kanata
telescope at Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory. The spectrum exhibits
H-alpha emission; H-beta is not seen because the object is highly
reddened by interstellar material. Spectrum at

Charts: Finder charts for Nova Sco 2011 (AUID 000-BKC-224) may be
plotted by entering the name or the coordinates above into VSP:

Reporting Observations: Please report all observations to the AAVSO
as NOVA SCO 2011 or N SCO 2011.

Observations reported to the AAVSO International Database:      
Jun 1.9930 UT, 10.6, J. Tapioles, San Agustin del Pozo, Spain;
2.2489, 10.59 V +/-0.01, Shawn Dvorak, Clermont, FL;
2.2512, 12.34 B +/-0.01, Dvorak;
2.33, 10.4 V (preliminary magnitude), Arto Oksanen, Muurame,
Finland, and Caisey Harlingten, Erpingham, Norfolk, England (using
a 50-cm Dall-Kirkham telescope (+ Apogee Alta CCD camera) located
at San Pedro de Atacama, Chile; CBET 2735);
2.4, 9.4 unfiltered CCD, Ernesto Guido, Castellammare di Stabia,
Italy, and Giovanni Sostero, Cavalicco, Italy (using Gras network,  
Officer Observatory, Victoria, Australia; via vsnet);
2.4792, 12.58 B +/- 0.04 (untransformed; confirming observation), Peter
Nelson, Ellinbank, Victoria, Australia;
2.4792, 10.95 V +/- 0.02 (untransformed; confirming observation), Nelson;
2.4792, 09.70 R +/- 0.01 (untransformed; confirming observation), Nelson;
2.4792, 08.55 I +/- 0.05 (untransformed; confirming observation), Nelson;
2.564 UT, 11.2, Peter Williams, Heathcote, NSW, Australia (via vsnet);
2.975, 11.1, A. Amorim, Florianopolis, Brazil (via CBET 2735);
3.0071, 10.7, Tapioles;
3.0705, 11.2, G. Vargas Beltran, Cochabamba, Bolivia;
3.2441, 10.61 V +/-0.01, Dvorak;
3.2463, 12.16 B +/-0.02, Dvorak;

a. Initially reported to the AAVSO by Seach and announced in AAVSO
Special Notice #240
(Arne Henden) and IAU CBET 2735 (Daniel W. E.
Green, ed.).

b. Nothing is visible down to 11.0 on Seach's images taken on May 30
UT, or on the ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey (date, bandpass,
limiting magnitude not provided) (CBET 2735).

c. Images by Arto Oksanen and Caisey Harlingten on June 2.33 UT yield
position end figures 09.48s, 04.0"(equinox 2000.0). Their V-band
images (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, location) spanning a little
over an hour show a constant fading of 0.15 mag/hr between June
2.333 and 2.375 (CBET 2735).

d. Ernesto Guido and Giovanni Sostero write that Gras network images
from Jun 2.4 UT yield position end figures 09.46s, 04.5" (equinox
2000.0; USNO-B1.0 catalogue reference stars). Their animation
comparing image and a red Digitized Sky Survey plate from 1995 is at

e. Images by Peter Nelson on Jun 2.4792 UT yield position end figures
09.47s, 04.4" (J2000, average residual 0.1arc", using MaxIm and UCAC2
background); his image is available at

f. According to Green, the object was designated PNV J18102135-2305306
when posted on the Central Bureau's Transient Objects Confirmation
Page (TOCP) webpage, and was designated Nova Sco 2011 based on
spectroscopic reports.

Congratulations to John Seach on his discovery!

This AAVSO Alert Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.

[Note, 2011 July 13: This object was assigned the name V1312 Sco on 2011 June 8 in IAUC 9216.  Please use the name "V1312 Sco" when submitting data.]


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