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Special Notice #233: Bright outburst of the cataclysmic variable SDSS J133941.11+484727.5

February 7, 2011: The star SDSS J133941.11+484727.5 has been reported in outburst by Jeremy Shears (Bunbury, UK).  Shears reports this star at magnitude 10.4 on 2011 February 7.919 (JD 2455600.419).  This is approximately 7 magnitudes above quiescence, which suggests a superoutburst of an SU UMa star or a WZ Sge-like outburst.  Gary Poyner (Birmingham, UK) confirms this outburst, estimating the star at 10.5 on February 7.959 (2455600.459).

All observations including visual observations and CCD time-series are strongly encouraged at this time.  No outbursts of this star have been reported to the AAVSO, indicating that this may be an infrequently outbursting WZ Sge star.  Visual observers should follow the star throughout outburst.  CCD observers are asked to obtain time-series photometry; unfiltered observations are acceptable.  Please obtain the best signal to noise with the shortest exposure possible.

The star is located at the following (J2000) coordinates:

    RA: 13 39 41.12 , Dec: +48 47 27.5

Charts for this star are available via AAVSO VSP:

Please report all observations of this star to the AAVSO using the name SDSS J133941.11+484727.5.

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.



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