Special Notice #80: Nova Puppis 2007 = V597 Pup (AAVSO 0812-33)

November 15, 2007: Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 362, the object designated Nova Puppis 2007 (Pereira, IAU Circular 8895) has been assigned the variable star name "V597 Pup" according to N.N. Samus, Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences (Samus et al., IAU Circular 8896). Please use "V597 Pup" and/or the AAVSO designation "0812-33" when reporting observations to the AAVSO.

According to H. Naito and N. Tokimasa, Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory, this object shows spectral signatures of an Fe II-type nova, near maximum light (IAUC 8896). This object is in a part of the constellation Puppis with known bright variables (including RS Pup) in the field, and a set of relatively bright comparison stars suitable for binocular observers are available now.

Charts may be plotted using VSP: http://www.aavso.org/observing/charts/vsp/index.html?pickname=Nova%20Puppis%202007

Finally, we note that AAVSO Alert Notice 362 omitted the citation (Pereira et al., IAU Circular 8895, Daniel W. E. Green, editor) in the original posting. This has been corrected in the online version at http://www.aavso.org/publications/alerts/alert362.shtml , and we regret the omission.

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.



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