V597 Pup

Special Notice #80: Nova Puppis 2007 = V597 Pup (AAVSO 0812-33)

November 15, 2007: Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 362, the object designated Nova Puppis 2007 (Pereira, IAU Circular 8895) has been assigned the variable star name "V597 Pup" according to N.N. Samus, Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences (Samus et al., IAU Circular 8896). Please use "V597 Pup" and/or the AAVSO designation "0812-33" when reporting observations to the AAVSO.

Alert Notice 362: Nova in Puppis [Nova Pup 2007 = V597 Pup]

November 14, 2007

Event: Nova in Puppis

Discovered By: Alfredo Jose Serra Pereira, Carnaxide, Portugal (IAU Circular No. 8895)

Discovery Date: 2007 November 14.23 UT (JD 2454418.73)

Discovery Magnitude: approximately 7.0 (visual estimate)

Position: R.A. = 8h 16.2m Decl. = -34o 15' (J2000) from Pereira.

RA = 08h 16m 18.01s Decl. = -34o 15' 24.1" (J2000) by J.E. McGaha, Tucson, Arizona, measured with CCD imaging on November 14.243 - 14.256 UT.