AAVSO Annual Impact Report

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       Observation Totals for 2020-21

The AAVSO Impact Report (previously the Annual Report) describes some of the activities of the AAVSO, primarily over the past fiscal year, and provides general information about the organization, letters from the director and president, the Treasurer's Report, and people and companies who have supported the AAVSO for the respective fiscal year.






























Prior reports:

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Note: in report years prior to 2018-2019, "The Year in Review" section of the Report contained all of the Association-related items which previously appeared in the Journal of the AAVSO: the Spring and Annual Meeting Minutes (through 2015-2016), lists of new members, deceased members, observer totals, and committee reports. Reports for these years also contained Minutes of the four Council meetings held each year, letters of support from professional and amateur astronomers (through 2015-2016), and information about planned giving. Reports on variable star observing campaigns, AAVSOnet, APASS, and the Journal of the AAVSO (including Editorial Board, Editorial Staff, and titles of papers and abstracts published in the past year's Volume) were also included.