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SSP-4 Photometer Observation Reports and Analyses

This information was originally published as a series of reports by AAVSO observer Doug West in 2003, outlining his experiments and calibrations of the Optec SSP-4 infrared photometer

SSP-4 Photometer Observation Report and Analysis #1

By Doug West
16 May 2003

Alert Notice 478: Transformed photometry of young stars in Cha requested

January 16, 2013: Dr. Péter Ábrahám (Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary) has requested the assistance of AAVSO observers in monitoring eight young stars in Chamaeleon in support of photometry he and his colleagues will be obtaining with the VLT/ISAAC (infrared) and Herschel Space Observatory (far-infrared) during January-February 2013.

SSP-4 Targets and Comparison Stars

SSP-4 Targets and Comparison Stars

Table 1 - SSP-4 Target List



Spectral Class

Var Type

Period (d)

Comparison Star, Check Star

QX Pup

Update (July 7, 2015):  I-band coverage of QX Pup by AAVSO observers since 2010 clearly shows that the period given in the 4th Edition of the GCVS of 648: days is incorrect. A phase plot by Sebastián Otero of these data shows that the period of QX Pup in Ic is 551 days.


The Field of QX Pup

This is a multiple set of projects, so pick and choose what aspects of them interest you.

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