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First workshop: Science and observing

The first Citizen Sky Workshop was held in early August of 2009 at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL. Here you will find links to videos and presentations from some of the fascinating talks that were held during that workshop.

Here Rebecca Turner gives the Workshop's introduction.
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About Epsilon Aurigae
Robert Stencel discusses the specifics about our target star.
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Visualizing Epsilon Aurigae
Ryan Wyatt, Director of the Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization Center of the California Academy of Sciences talks about different ways that we see and can think about Epsilon Aurigae.
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Supergiant Binary Stars
Dr. Doug Welch gives an overview of supergiant binary stars, of which Epsilon Aurigae is an example.
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Disks in Astrophysics: The Relationship to Epsilon Aurigae
Brian Kloppenborg gives details regarding the current theory of what is eclipsing our favorite star.
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Bright Star Photometry
Dr. Arne Henden of the American Association of Variable Star Observers gives an overview of basic photometry - measuring how bright a star is - concentrating on techniques appropriate to bright stars such as Epsilon Aurigae.
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Spectra in the Classroom
Sally Seebode discusses what stellar spectra are and how they might be important in solving the mystery of Epsilon Aurigae.
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Epsilon Aurigae - A Spectral Investigation
Darryl Stanford and Dean Drumheller discuss investigating our target star in a deeper way.
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An Introduction to VSTAR and Basic Data Analysis
David Benn gives an introduction on what can be done with all the data you and your colleagues have been collecting on our favorite star. Photometry and spectroscopy can show us what Epsilon Aurigae is doing. Data analysis gives us hope to be able to explain why!
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Other Workshop Presentations



Second workshop: Science, data analysis, and publishing

The second Citizen Sky Workshop was held in early September of 2010 at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, CA. Here you will find links to videos and presentations (as they become available) from some of the talks that were given during the workshop.

Friday 9/3

Saturday 9/4

  • The AAVSO International Database, Aaron Price (30) download ppt | video
  • Precision, Accuracy and Uncertainty in Data, Mike Koppelman (30) download pdf | video
  • Introduction to Variable Stars Through Their Light Curves, Arne Henden (60) download ppt | video
  • Poster introductions
  • Basic Time Series Analysis, Grant Foster (60) download ppt | video
  • Concurrent sessions (60)
    • Intermediate Time Series Analysis, Grant Foster download ppt | video
    • Using Variable Star Data in Education/Science Olympiad, Donna Young & Douglas Lombardi download ppt

Sunday 9/5

  • Picking Topics for Scientific Investigation, Doug Welch (45) download pptx
  • An Introduction to Writing Science Papers, Doug Welch (45) download pptx
  • Team Planning Session (30)
  • Analysis of spectrum monitoring by San Mateo College observing team, Sally Seebode (20) download ppt
  • NVO Inside: How to Access Rich Multi-Wavelength Astronomy Data Through the "Invisible Observatory," Jordan Raddick (20)
  • Using ADS and SIMBAD for Astronomical Research, Brian Kloppenborg (20) download pdf
  • Closing, Aaron (15)