This is an AAVSO project. It is managed by a volunteer, George Silvis (SGEO), and over seen by AAVSO HQ.

Communications about the project should be routed through the forum listed in the sidebar or directly to SGEO. Use this forum to discuss any problems with the portal, the project or whatever. Share tips on identifying stars too.

To join the project please email You will be given a username and password. (you can request a specific username if you wish). You will then be assigned a specific bundle. Please work only on the bundle assigned. 

Status reports for the project will be posted to the main AAVSO forum monthly to show progress and encourage more volunteers to step forward.

You will note on the portal web page that statistics are acquired as you work. Your session time and count of cards that you classify is recorded and displayed at the top of the page. If you step away for a bio-break or a bite of lunch, sign out by entering a blank Username and hit Sign in. We want to get a feel for how long this project is going to take!