Searching the Cards

If you are a researcher and want to search the Eggen Card Database, you simply go to the Portal (link in the side panel to the right). There you just fill in the fields on the "Select Batch" line (probably only the "Star name" field) and hit Request. The Portal uses Simbad to resolve star name aliases, so put in what ever name you wish.

You will then be presented with the first of the card images that has information related to that star. You can move through the batch of cards meeting your request with the Next and Prev button on the Edit Card line.

Now comes the problem of understanding what is on the cards. The expert is Jack Crast. He has researched the cards and understands the various photometric systems used by Olin Eggen over the years. He is the primary author of the article in JAAVSO ( Volume 45 number 1 - 2017 ) describing the cards. He has also built tools to facilitate the extraction of the photometry from the cards. You can access these from his website.Talk to him; he can help. If you have any other general questions about the the card database, contact George Silvis.