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CV Circular Relaunch

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Matthew Templeton
CV Circular Relaunch

Hello everyone,

We are about to relaunch the automated AAVSO Circulars for CVs, LPVs, and
a new set of stars, the R Coronae Borealis stars.  The last incarnation of
the circulars was written and automated to post to Yahoo news groups, but
proved to be unstable because of occasional changes to Yahoo's newsgroups
and their security and email settings.  We also wanted to use the AAVSO's
internal resources, notably the AAVSO Variable Star Index, to dynamically
generate the list of stars, and mail out the circulars.  This work is now
done, and has been successfully in production for most of December.

We're now ready to begin redistributing our weekly Circulars once again,
and we're doing this in two stages.  We are going to automatically sign up
current subscribers *if and only if* the email used for subscriptions is
the same email that you've used to register on the AAVSO website.

If you have not signed up for the AAVSO website, or used a different address
to do so, you will need to send an email to with the phrase
"AAVSO Circulars" in the subject line requesting that
you be added.  We also ask that you register for the AAVSO website, or update
your email address on our website so that we have your correct information.

Since the "R CrB Circular" is a new list, please send an email to requesting subscription, also with "AAVSO Circulars" in the
subject line.

Finally, if you are currently subscribed to the circulars but no longer wish
to receive them, please send an email to requesting that
you be unsubscribed.

Clear skies, & good observing,

Matthew Templeton
Science Director, AAVSO

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484