CV Videos


Cataclysmic Variables in the Age of Surveys: What can we do?
by Dr. John Thorstensen
presented on November 13, 2021
(NOTE: This talk begins at 1:02:00 on the video.)

Observing the Next Galactic Supernova: Will you be ready?
by Dr. Dan Milisavljevic
presented on June 12, 2021

Cataclysmic Variables as Universal Accretion Laboratories
by Dr. Christian Knigge
presented on May 8, 2021

Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of the Intermediate Polar DW Cnc
by Dr. Juan Echevarría
presented on March 13, 2021
(NOTE: This talk begins at 52:48 on the video)

Cataclysmic Variables Observing Section Webinar
by Shawn Dvorak and Joe Patterson
presented on September 12, 2020