High Energy Network Archive


  • NEWS (2015 February 02): The outburst of PKS 0716+71 has declined from its very bright maximum in mid-January, but remains brighter than average at around V=13.0.
  • NEWS (2013 April 27): GRB 130427A discovered, incredibly bright in both gamma rays and optical light. Wiggins publishes an early light curve; see GCN Circular 14490.
  • NEWS (2012 March 27): Gary Poyner reports that the blazar OJ 287 is currently flaring, measured at m(vis)=14.1 on 2012 March 26.917.
  • NEWS (2011 October 20): Oksanen et al publish deep light curve of GRB 110918A. See GCN Circular 12458 and our news item on this GRB.
  • NEWS (2011 September 20): Arto Oksanen observes GRB 110918A. See GCN Circular 12369.
  • NEWS (2011 July 15): Peter Nelson observes GRB 110715A. See GCN Circular 12174.
  • NEWS (2011 May 3): Eric Broens and David Boyd both observe GRB 110503A. See GCN Circular 12009.
  • NEWS (2011 April 27): Gary Poyner reports via BAAVSS-alert that the blazar PKS 0716+71 is at m(vis)=14.8, its faintest level since December 2007.
  • Latest GRB activity from GCN Notices (updated in real time).
  • Our Successes! -- recently published AAVSO GRB observations (updated 2011 October  20).





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