Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: March 2011

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

March 2011: AAVSO observers and their observing equipment and observatories

Row 1: Charles Y. McAteer of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Leon Campbell observing for Harvard College Observatory at Arequipa, Peru, circa 1914; Roy Seely of New York; William L. Holt of Maine; Donald Zahner of Missouri (publisher of Review of Popular Astronomy)

Row 2: William Tyler Olcott in his Norwich, CT, observatory; Reginald Shinkfield of Adelaide, Australia; Everett Z. Randall of Florida; David Pickering of East Orange, New Jersey, and Morgan Cilley of Lewisburg, West Virginia, at the AAVSO's Post Memorial telescope at HCO; George Ripley of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Row 3: J. Ernest G. Yalden of Leonia, New Jersey; Morgan Cilley; J. Russell Smith of Eagle Pass, Texas; Edward A. Halbach of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Charles F. Richter of Los Angeles, California (inventor of the Richter Scale)

Row 4: Bernhard Dawson (LaPlata, Argentina, Astronomical Observatory); David W. Rosebrugh of Waterbury, Connecticut; E. F. Horne of Chicago, Illinois; Dalmiro F. Brocchi of Seattle, Washington; Cyrus F. Fernald of Wilton, Maine; Giovanni B. Lacchini of Faenza, Italy


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