Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: October 2011

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

October 2011: AAVSO observers and their observing equipment and observatories

Row 1: field trip during the AAVSO 87th Annual meeting (1998) to former Council member Mario Motta’s New Hampshire observatory housing his (first) homemade 32-inch f/4 Newtonian telescope (primary ground and all mechanical parts made by Mario, flat secondary made by Michael Mattei); sunspot observing during an AAVSO staff picnic at former Clerk Michael Mattei’s; William Albrecht of Pahala, Hawaii; AAVSOnet AAVSO Photometric All-Sky Survey (APASS) telescope (two 20-cm telescopes co-mounted, Apogee Alta U16M camera with 174' x 174' field of view) located at the Dark Ridge Observatory near Weed, New Mexico; former 2nd Vice President Leslie C. Peltier and former Council member Danie Overbeek at Leslie’s in Delphos, Ohio; Federico Garcia and President Jaime R. Garcia with the 80-mm f/5 refractor and CCD at their observatory in Rama Caida, Mendoza, Argentina;

Row 2: Jerzy Speil of Walbrzych, Poland; former President Edward A. Halbach in 1993 with his portable observing cart (in his Estes Park, Colorado, home); observing with the 18-inch, f/7 Newtonian reflector at the Ford Observatory, Wrightwood, California; Alan Beaman (age 8) of Rockford, Illinois, with his homemade 4.25-inch telescope;  Dwynal Pettengill of Tallahassee, Florida, with Curtis Anderson's telescope which was given to him by Carolyn Hurless, who inheried it from Curtis;

Row 3: Valery Grigorenko of Kaluga, Russia; former President John E. Bortle’s 16-inch Dobsonian telescope with Bortle Bar on mount, Stormville, New York; 7x50 Russian binoculars and binocular mount built by Leo Wong of Sarawak, Malaysia, for viewing Comet Halley and used for variable star work; backyard telescope (lined up on Polaris) of James Ellerbe of Nerja, Spain; Andrei Sajtz of Arad, Romania, with his refractors at his observing station; PROBLICOM nova search equipment used (with great success) by William Liller of Viña del Mar, Chile; Peter Nelson of Ellinbank, Australia, with his 30-cm f/6 Newtonian;

Row 4: Matyas Csukas of Salonta, Romania; AAVSOnet Bright Star Monitor (BSM) telescope (6-cm wide-field telescope, SBIG ST8XME camera with 127' x 84' field of view) located at the Astrokolkhoz telescope facility near Cloudcroft, New Mexico; Danie Overbeek with his photoelectric photometry occultation recording equipment in Edenvale, South Africa; at his New Hampshire observatory, Secretary Gary Walker’s Takahashi Epsilon-300 Astrograph mounted on a 60-inch diameter split ring equatorial mount, a Takahashi Epsilon-160 for wide field shots, and other scopes for planetary imaging, finding, and autoguiding; Photoelectric Photometry enthusiasts including former President Arthur J. Stokes and former Council member Howard J. Landis (both at left) compare schematics and equipment at an AAVSO meeting


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