JAAVSO v38n1




Volume 38 Number 1 2010

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1 Secular Variation of the Mode Amplitude-Ratio of the Double- Mode RR Lyrae Star NSVS 5222076
David A. Hurdis, Tom Krajci
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12 Recent Maxima of 64 Short Period Pulsating Stars
Gerry Samolyk
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33 Photometry of the Dwarf Nova SDSS J094002.56+274942.0 in Outburst
Tom Krajci and Patrick Wils
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39 The 2009 July Superoutburst of IL Vulpeculae
David Boyd, Tut Campbell, George Roberts
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45 NSV 19431 and YY Centauri—Two Mira Variables
Peter F. Williams
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52 Two New Eclipsing Binary Systems: GSC1393-1461 and GSC2449-0654, and One New Flare Star: GSC5604-0255
P.V. Sada
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57 A Unified Roche-Model Light Curve Solution for the W UMa Binary AC Bootis
Kevin B. Alton
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85 Recent Minima of 161 Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk
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93 Photometry of V578 Monocerotis
Arnold M. Heiser
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100 RR Lyrae and Type II Cepheid Variables Adhere to a Common Distance Relation
Daniel J. Majaess
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113 Possible Misclassified Eclipsing Binary Stars Within the Detached Eclipsing Binary Light Curve Fitter (DEBiL) Data Set
Martin Nicholson
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123 The VSS RASNZ Variable Star Charts: a Story of Co-Evolution
A. Plummer, M. Morel
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132 Documenting Local Night Sky Brightness Using Sky Quality Meters: An Interdisciplinary College Capstone Project and a First Step Toward Reducing Light Pollution
Jennifer Birriel, Jaclyn Wheatley, Christine McMichael
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139 Abstracts of Papers and Posters Presented at the 98th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, Held in Newton, Massachusetts, November 6-7, 2009
Various Authors
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