Please Take Our Demographic Survey

We are conducting a survey to learn more about the demographics of our members, observers and anyone affiliated with or interested in the AAVSO. Information may be used for purposes such as making strategic plans for the AAVSO, writing grant applications, planning observing campaigns, writing papers about our membership, etc.

Identifiable survey data will never be shared with anyone outside of the AAVSO.

The survey consists of 27 questions, but not all will apply to you. We anticipate the survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Please take the survey even if you are not currently active in the AAVSO.

ALL questions are optional. If you feel uncomfortable answering a question, feel free to skip it.

A summary of the anonymous results will be published on the web site in early 2012, presented at an AAVSO meeting and likely published in the JAAVSO.

This survey will end on December 31, 2011 (we need time to mail and process printed copies of the survey for our membership who are not online). Please do not discuss it on the AAVSO Discussion Group or on any public forum at this time because any such discussion may bias results. However, feel free to discuss it anywhere you wish after December 31.