Words of Remembrance for Janet A. Mattei

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After not reading it for many, many weeks, this morning I decided to catch up on the latest on the AAVSO discussion list. Instead, I suddenly found myself thrown into another, sad, Universe, as I read about Janet's death. Devastating and surreal...

I never met her personally, just exchanged e-mail, and we certainly had our disagreements, which she always handled in the most sensitive and diplomatic way imaginable. She was a dynamic, intelligent, and warm person, who I knew too little but will miss so much. Her loss is profoundly sad.

Please accept my deepest condolences and encouragement for the future. —Thom Gandet

Reading the discussion page the last day and a half has made me realize what an extraordinary person Janet was, and deepens my regret at never having had the opportunity to meet her. Her legacy is plainly visible in all of you who have known and loved her, and I have no doubt that her spirit will continue to guide you and this organization. I wish that simple words could be of more comfort to those in need of comforting, but I realize they are only tokens. So please accept my token of heart felt sympathy, respect and condolences. —Kenneth Hedrick

I'm sending my deepest condolences to Janet family and AAVSO HQ. Thanks Janet I was elected to AAVSO, so it is really sad moment fo me. Thank you Janet for your work and all good things. From all polish variable stars observers! — Maciej (Poland)

The scientific world has lost a brilliant star from its firmament. Janet Mattei, has gone on to a better life. May she find there endless flowers to photograph. I'm grateful to have known her here below! —Jeremy Knowles

On behalf of myself and the Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde I would like to express our deepest condolences to Mike and Janet's family. Personally, I was privileged to meet Janet on several occasions. I met Janet for the first time in August 1994, together with a few friends from the VVS WVS. Janet invited us to The Hague, The Netherlands, where she attended the IAU General Assembly. Many Belgian observers had the opportunity to meet Janet at the AAVSO meeting hosted by the VVS in Brussels in 1990 and more recently during the AFOEV meeting in Bourbon-Lancy, France, in August 2002. On all occasions, we experienced Janet as an enthusiastic, friendly, warm and very special person and will be sorely missed by all. —Eric Broens (Belgium)

Words could never express the way I feel today. Janet has been and always will be a great pillar that supports my stairway to the stars. My heartfelt sympathies to her family and all of you at headquarters. Peace be with you all. —Steve O'Connor and Jeneba Jones

please convey my sincerest condolences to Mike Mattei and the extended family. I have no words to describe my devastation with these news. Our loss cannot be measured in words. To paraphrase the poet: do not cry for the ones that have gone, open your heart for the ones that are left behind. —Chryssa Kouveliotou

With great sorrow we have learnt the tragic news about the death of our dear friend and colleague Janet Mattei. She was a great person, clever, acive, friendly, excellent Director, real scientist. The GCVS team was always so happy to have strong support from the AAVSO and its Director. Our personal contacts were always a great pleasure. I will never forget coming to Cambridge, meeting with Janet in Europe. It is a great loss for AAVSO, for professional and amateur variable star researchers throughout the world, for friends. But the loss is the greatest for her relatives. Please forward my condolences to Mike and to other members of the family.

I also wish to express our deepest sorrow on behalf of the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society representing professional astronomers of the former Soviet Union. —Nikolai Samus Vice-chairperson, Euro-Asian Astronomical Society Editor, GCVS

I am stunned and saddened by the news of Janet's passing. Please extend condolences to her family, especially to Mike, and her many friends on behalf of both my wife and me. We'll miss you, Janet. —Michael and Jinky Gardner

Both myself, and the World of Amateur Astronomy, are sadden by this news. I'll pray for her family at this time. I have followed her fight since it was first reported. So, this feels like losing a member of my family.

Now she joins the Stars she so loved.—Donald R. Franck

Just after I sent my last email re PCOBS, I received the very sad news regarding Janet. I am so sorry to hear that she had lost her hard fought battle. It appeared that her healing process was going so well, and it is indeed a shock to learn that she eventually resigned herself to that dreaded disease.

Please accept and extend my sincerest condolences to Mike and all of the staff at AAVSO. She will be sorely missed by all of us. —Keith Graham

I'm choked up. We have all lost a great friend and leader. Please add my name to the list of people sending condolences (which will be long, I am sure). My thoughts are with her family and the AAVSO family at headquarters. —Bob Nelson (NRH)

This is very sad news indeed. I never had the opportunity to meet Janet, but felt close to her. She was an inspiration to me as a fellow astronomer who had a passion for stars. She will be forever missed.—Becky Ramotowski

I am so sorry to hear this. She was such a strong and good person. I will miss her commentary and work. My condolences to her family and friends. —Julian E. Parks

I'm very sorry to hear this. She was a very truly great lady.—Jeff Charles

Our most sincere respects for in this great loss for all amateurs astronomers.
The AAVSO will never have another director as competent or a better friend for all of us who observe variable stars.
In my name and in name of the observers of M1 Group, please receive our most heartfelt respects. —Jose Ripero (Spain)

On behalf of my family and all the members of the Cape Cod Astronomical Society, I want to express my deepest condolences to Janet's family and the AAVSO. I thought she had been recovering, but even with today's medical procedures, it appears that she was unable to continue. I met her only once, but am saddened to learn of her passing. —Jim Carlson

I received the news of Janet's passing with shock and sadness. I admired her and the things she did for AAVSO. Finding another like her will be most difficult. —Gennaro R. Lopriore

I have just read Dr. Mario Motta's e-mail about Janet's passing. No words can possibly convey my shock and sadness at this announcement. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and her family. I only met Janet in person a few times back in the 70s, at Spring Meetings in 1973 & 1975 and in Lima at functions at Carolyn Hurless' home. I liked her and Mike very much and she was always very gracious to me. My heart goes out to all of you. I don't know how we can replace her. —Tom Wilson

To those who worked with & enjoyed Janet's company, please accept my condolences. This is a terrible shock, and my prayers are with you all: family, friends, and fellow-workers at the AAVSO office. —Bill Zeilstra

God receives Janet in the glory. My condolences. —Dr. Raul Roberto Podesta (Argentina)

Peggy and I are deeply saddened by the loss of Janet. She was a wonderful personal friend. She will be sorely missed by the astronomy community and especially by those of us involved in variable star research and so fortunate to have had her leadership over many years.

Please extend our sincere sympathy and condolences to her family and the staff of the AAVSO. —Barrett and Peggy Duff

This is a loss for all of astronomy. — Robert E. Stencel

Dr. Motta has expressed beautifully what we all are thinking and feeling. It was a privilege to work with her, and I will always remember her cheerful smile and upbeat way of looking at the world. It is hard to imagine HQ without her. But we have inherited from her a mission that she inspired with such delight for many years-- serving the communities of astronomers.
Our hearts reach out to Mike.—Chuck Whitney

I cannot tell you all how sorry I am to have received such sad news. I have prayed for Janet since she became ill, and now I pray for her husband and family. May God console them.
My very real sympathy to you all. —Mary Glennon

What devastating news ... she seemed so close to making it. We've all lost a dear friend, colleague, and great leader. My condolences to all her many friends and family. —Bill Dillon

Our deep sorrow and feelings to Janet's family. I will now look up at the stars at night and I am sure she will be looking back. —John Douglas (Australia)

God Rest Her! —Lou Cox

I am sad to hear about Janet, although I haven't had any contact with her as I am just getting started in the field of variable star observation astronomy I would have liked to work with her. Please send my condolences to her family and all the staff at the AAVSO. —Rich Allessi

I have seen the very sad, and unbelievable mail from Dr.Motta.

What a loss to the Professional and Amateur Astronomer community. I thought she was recovering, so the news was even a bigger shock. What a sad loss.. —Dr. Nahide Craig

My condolences for the decease of Janet Mattei. — Antonio Sanchez-Ibarra (Mexico)

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Janet Mattei. To her family and friends I send my sincere condolences.

She is now at rest among the stars.—Michael Boschat (Canada)

Thank you for the message. This is very sad. You have our deepest and respectful condolences. —lArt Morton

Oh no, what terrible news.... My condolences to all of you HQ staff. As Janet's assistant for a couple of years, in a very different era, I learned well what she was like... the patience, the effort, the tremendous sense of responsibility to science, to the observers, to the membership. She was an unbelievable mentor, one who saw the best that everybody had to offer. This email from Dr. Motta came as a tremendous shock. Astronomy has really lost somebody special.

I should add that my wife was as shocked as I was, even though she only met Janet once years ago when Janet and Mike were visiting Maryland, and we all went to dinner. Even in that short time, and simply by being herself, Janet made a lasting impression. —Bob Hill

Rest among the stars, Janet. You will always be part of the Universe. This wonderful Universe which most of us do not appreciate, as we wage our wars and rumors of wars.

We send or love and condolences to your family and to our colleagues at the AAVSO.

We all have benefited from your life: you have left our world a better place because of your selfless devotion and kindness. —Werner Scharlach and Ruth Kahn

My condolences to Janet's family and the AAVSO staff. She has been very important not only to me, but to many amateur astronomers all around the world. Certainly, observing variable stars won't be the same without her. :_o( —Raquel Shida (Brazil)

Janet let me photograph her at the AAVSO meeting in Hawaii (the Big Island). We all loved her, busy as she was, and later, followed Dr. Motta's reports from month to month. Our skies are cloudy tonight ... —Noel Peattie

I am very sorry to hear we have lost such a wonderful person who has touched so many lives.

May God watch over her and her family at this dark time.

The stars seem a bit dimmer tonight... —Tomas Palmer

My deepest Sympathies —Brian Pickett (Australia)

Such shocking message. First day of the Spring and such terrible news...

Spring is slowly approaching here in Massachusetts and the crocuses in my garden have already started blooming. As I am, I hope you are enjoying the coming of spring (Northern Hemisphere) and autumn (Southern Hemisphere)..... Janet

The AAVSO and we will be never the same. I believed that I shall be able to meet her again during this my stay in Boston. — Milcho Tsvetkov (Bulgaria)

It was never my fortune to have met Janet, yet I feel I did know her. My condolences to all her colleagues at AAVSO and to her husband. —Joe Garlitz

When I look at the stars I will think of her. —David York

We at the All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences very much regret the sad news of Dr. Janet Mattei's passing away, and express our condolences on this great loss.
Please convey our deep symapthy to her relatives. —Basil Alexeyev (Russia)

My sincere condolences for this sad news. —Giovanni Sostero (Italy)

We are very sad to hear of the death of our friend and colleague Dr. Janet Akyuz Mattei. Not only was she a good leader of your organization but she was also doing an excellent job in the interface of amateur and professional astronomy. She has been a good friend of Turkish astronomers, many of whom new her personally. She attended several professional meetings in Turkey, visited her friends at our universities. We will miss her very much.

On behalf of National Observatory of Turkey, —Zeki Aslan Director TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG)