American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Wed, 03/13/2024 - 17:26

We have started a newsletter for the SPP section.  The first issue can be found under "SPP Newsletter" on the menu at the SPP section home page.  Let me know what you think (my email is in the newsletter).  What would you like to see in future SPP newsletters?  Would you like to have new newsletters emailed to you instead of posted?  If you have something to add to a future newsletter, please email me. The intent is to improve communications among those interested in the SPP section and spread word about interesting targets. -- Horace Smith 

New Newsletter

This is so excellent!  I look forward to reading it and, once I've seen a couple, possibly contributing.




Very interesting…



Very interesting. Are you planning more SPP news letters, Horace ?


Is it worth begining to observe V338 Boo right now ? It is very well located in the evening sky, and the nights are not too short in may.

This could help to broaden the observation base.




American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
SPP Newsletter

Yes, additional observations of V338 Boo are still very worthwhile!

I'm starting on the next SPP newsletter now, and suggestions for what to put in future newsletters are always welcome.

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