classical novae

What's in store for Nova Del 2013?

No one knows what Nova Del 2013 will do next, but there are some tantalizing possibilities. 

The current AAVSO light curve for Nova Del 2013

So far it appears Nova Del 2013 is a 'slow nova', type NB in VSX. By definition, it takes 150 days or more for a slow nova to fade by 3 magnitudes. 

Sometimes "or more" can mean a lot of other exciting goings on.

V2362 Cyg (Nova Cygni 2006)

On April 2, 2006 H. Nishimura of Japan discovered a 10.5 magnitude nova based on two photographs taken with his Pentax camera. Similar photos (limiting magnitude 12) showed no object as recently as March 28 of that year, and CCD measurements taken soon after  found the object had brightened to 8.5 on April 4/5 (Green 2006). The maximum occurred shortly thereafter, reaching magnitude 8.1. Pre-maximum spectra were obtained, and initial data suggested that this object was a fast Fe-II iron-type nova.