HS 2331+3905

Special Notice #63: Outburst in HS 2331+3905 [V455 And]

September 4, 2007: The WZ Sge-candidate object HS 2331+3905 [V455 And] has been reported in outburst on VSNET by two observers. This object was last reported as fainter than 14.6 on JD 2454347.3931 (Sept 3, 2007, 21:26 UT), and has now been detected at 14.59 and 14.4 by observers in Japan. HS 2331+3905 has never been observed in outburst before, and observations are strongly encouraged.

Special Notice #66: HS 2331+3905 Named V455 And

September 12, 2007: According to IAU Circular 8868 (Daniel E. W. Green, editor), N. N. Samus, Institute of Astronomy, Moscow, reports that the dwarf nova cataclysmic variable 2328+38 HS 2331+3905 is now V455 And, and HS 2331+3905 has been assigned the official name V455 And. The AAVSO validation file has been changed to reflect this new name. Please use V455 AND when reporting observations.

V455 AND is located at RA 23:34:01.55, Dec +39:21:42.9 (J2000)