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Nova Sgr 2014

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Andrew Pearce
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Nova Sgr 2014

Hi All

I refer everyone to the latest AAVSO light curve from LCG on Nova Sgr 2014.  After undergoing a normal fade just after discovery, it has since brightened over 1.5 magnitudes over the last few days.  The visual and CCD observations agree well.

It will be interesting to see what it does over the next few days.  These recent novae are full of surprises!


Andrew Pearce (PEX)

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Nova Sgr 2014

Hello Andrew

What designation are you using to get a light curve?  The LCG does not respond to "Nova Sgr 2014".  I would like to look at this one.



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Nova Sgr 2014

Gary, I've been using  PNV J18250860-2236024 but no doubt the nova designation will work shortly.

Cheers -


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Nova Sgr 2014

Hi Gary,

I just tried the LCG and it found Nova Sgr 2014 without problems, spelled this way and with spaces. Capitalization doesn't matter, but spaces do.


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Nova Sgr 2014

Patrick Wils just informed me that he had added the Nova Sgr 2014 alias immediately after Gary's post, which is why it worked for me.  We have fast volunteers!


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AAVSO Alert Notice 497 on Nova Sgr 2014

AAVSO Alert Notice 497 has been issued on Nova Sgr 2014 = PNV J18250860-2236024. This Alert Notice also contains an Erratum regarding AAVSO Alert Notice 496 on V745 Sco.

Good observing!   Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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I've finally managed to get a spectrum of this nova with the SA100.  Faint at V mag 10.6 in the morning twilight - this is a stack of 24x3 min subs.

It is very similar to Nova Cen  - a classic Fe nova.  In fact I've also included a comparison image with V1369 Cen on 19 Jan, a comparable time after maximum.  The rebrightening which has occured in both novae is an interesting parallel.

In Nova Sgr 2014 the [OI] lines at 5577 and 6300 have developed a little quicker; and for some reason the H emission gamma line is missing altogether in Nova Sgr.  But otherwise the spectra are pretty  much identical in terms of composition.



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