Spectroscopy Videos

AVSpec Open House recordings

Q&A sessions led by Lauren Herrington


How-to Hours:

Spectroscopy on a Budget
by Lauren Herrington
presented on April 1, 2021


New to Spectroscopy? A few tips to start successfully
by Francois Cochard
presented on September 25, 2021

Spectroscopy: Which Hardware for Which Observations?
by François Cochard
presented on May 8, 2021
(NOTE: This presentation begins at 1:06:03 on the video)

Classifying Algol C, the Non-Eclipsing Member of the beta Persei System
by Dr. David Whelan, Megan Frank, and Jessica Junginger
presented on March 27, 2021

Spectroscopy Observing Section Webinar
by Tom Field and Dr. Stella Kafka
presented on August 22, 2020


AAVSO Spectroscopy Workshop



RSPEC - real-time astronomical spectroscopy how-to videos
by Tom Field