binary stars

Alert Notice 859: Photometry and spectroscopy requested for bright binaries being observed with CHARA - Revised

Note: The Alert Notice text below has been revised from the original version issued April 18, 2024.  - Elizabeth O. Waagen, April 19, 2024

Observers are also reminded that it is essential to use the comparison and check stars indicated for the photometry target. If they are too far apart to fit into the same field of view as the target, use PEP-style observing, that is, alternate images of variable, comp, and check.

April 22, 2024                                            REVISED VERSION

Variable stars with companions

In the April 2014 Newsletter we published an article on variable stars with close companion causing problems with their photometry.

In this page we give more information and updated tables so you can be aware of the stars that are causing problems or have caused problems in the past.

We will be updating this information with more stars in the future.
If you find a problem similar to those described in the Newsletter article, please let us know.