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KQ Mon

Alert Notice 661: Correction to AAVSO Alert Notice 659 on KQ Mon

January 28, 2019: AAVSO Alert Notice 659 announced that the nova-like variable KQ Mon will be observed with Chandra on 2019 January 29-30 UT. The exact time interval given was incorrect.

KQ Mon will be observed with Chandra on

2019 January 29 20:18 UT - January 30 00:28 UT.

A snapshot every one to two nights is requested between now and February 9. V filter is optimal. Visual observations are welcome. The visual range of KQ Mon is 12.5-13.7.

Alert Notice 659: KQ Mon being observed with Chandra

Note: The time of the Chandra observation was incorrect in the original version of this Alert Notice. The text below has been edited so that the time is correct. This correction was announced in AAVSO Alert Notice 661. - Elizabeth Waagen

Alert Notice 652: Monitoring of nova-like variables in support of Chandra observations

October 11, 2018: Dr. Koji Mukai (NASA-Greenbelt Space Flight Center) has requested AAVSO assistance in monitoring several nova-like variables in support of upcoming Chandra observations. The first target, KQ Mon, is scheduled to be observed with Chandra during the week of 2018 October 15-22.

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