SW Sex

Special Notice #325: BB Dor monitoring requested for Swift and HST observations

January 21, 2013: AAVSO observations are requested of the SW Sex-type novalike variable BB Dor in support of one and possibly two sets of multiwavelength observations: Dr. Tomohito Ohshima (Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University) and colleagues have triggered Target of Opportunity observations with NASA's Swift gamma-ray burst satellite, and Dr. Boris Gaensicke (Warwick University) is hoping to observe BB Dor in the ultraviolet with HST.

Special Notice #323: Observations of BB Dor requested

January 14, 2013: Dr. Boris Gaensicke (Warwick University), who is the coordinating PI on the large observing campaign underway to observe cataclysmic variables with the HST Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (see AAVSO Alert Notice 471 and follow-up AAVSO Special Notices as listed on the AAVSO Observing Campaigns page), is requesting observations tonight and over the next few nights of the novalike variable BB Dor.