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YSO Observing Section

YSO Papers

Many scientific papers have been, and continue to be, published with regard to young stars and associated phenomena. This page lists resources that AAVSO members may find interesting.

Long-term light curves of 4 young variable stars (Peneva et al, 2010)

An interesting look at a selection of PMS objects. Though none are as yet on our programme, the paper gives a good overview of the current state of play in the field.


Here we hope to answer some of the questions observers ask about YSOs. If there is anything that isn't covered in the points below, why not drop me an email?

What is the T Tauri Wind?

The YSO Zoo

...and welcome to the Zoo!

Part of the reason why a YSO section is needed is to try and make some sense of how the different types of variable star fit into some sort of scheme. Should we view the various types as distinct, or should we look at behaviour instead? Pursuing the zoo theme for a while, how do the various types of YSO fit into the interstellar ecosystem?

Pro-Am Collaborations on YSO's

Collaborations now have their own page! This is your start point for all information on these campaigns.

The What and Why of YSO's - take 2

So, we now have an embryonic star at the centre of a swirling cloud of gas and dust, and it is this cloud that is responsible for the majority of the light variations seen in many young stars.

The What and Why of YSO's!

This page will present a brief introduction to Young Stellar Objects and Star Formation. What it is and why we are so darn interested by the whole thing - and what we, as amateur astronomers, can do in helping to discover more about the amazing, violent processes that are going on, as you read this, in deepest space (at least that's what most of us are; apologies to you lucky visitors who actually get paid for doing astronomy)

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