YSO Papers

Many scientific papers have been, and continue to be, published with regard to young stars and associated phenomena. This page lists resources that AAVSO members may find interesting.

Long-term light curves of 4 young variable stars (Peneva et al, 2010)

An interesting look at a selection of PMS objects. Though none are as yet on our programme, the paper gives a good overview of the current state of play in the field.

The Rapid Outbursting Star GM Cep: An EX-or in Tr 37? (Sicilia-Aguilar et al, 2008)

A group of astronomers including Maria Kun, one of the leading lights in the YSO field, carries out a study of this fascinating star, with a reference to two observations in the AAVSO database. Ironically, these were made by me when I first began to observe GM Cep and are probably misidentifications (the authors have been informed). Trumpler 37 is the cluster around the multiple star Struve 2816 just South of mu Cephei.

A comparative study of the long-term light variations of six young irregular variables (Guertler et al, 1999)

This is one paper you should all read, even if it is over ten years old by now! It makes extensive use of AAVSO data and stresses the need for more observations. To my mind, a classic.

Observations of recently recognized candidate Herbig Ae/Be stars (Miroshnichenko et al, 1999)

Again, a paper from 1999 but including a look at some of our programme stars such as the active MQ Cas.

A reconsideration of disk properties in Herbig Ae stars (Natta et al, 2001)

Excellent article looking at the physics and dynamics of how the star interacts with the circumstellar disc, featuring the active stars UX Ori and CQ Tau.

A photometric catalog of Herbig Ae/Be stars and discussion of the nature and cause of the variations of UX Orionis stars (Herbst & Shevchenko,1999)

1999 was obviously a good year for YSO studies! An excellent and readable overview of this particular field co-authored by our own Bill Herbst which offered a departure from the accepted theory of variation in UXORs. Shevchenko and his team continue to perform excellent work at Mt.Maidanak Observatory in Kazakhstan.

Pre-main sequence variable stars in young open cluster NGC 1893

Recently-published paper announcing the discovery of several YSO suspects (and possibly some other variables, probably foreground stars) in one of the Auriga starforming regions.