V391 Lyrae- What's Up?

Looking through the MyNewsFlash data coming in the last few days, and then examining the quick look data and recent light curve, it appears V391 Lyrae may be acting peculiar. It looks like it could be going into outburst, but it's taking its good sweet time about it. I'd like to see more data in the coming weeks. Not necessarily time series but maybe two or three times per night unless you see it dramatically rising to outburst.

Normally, V391 Lyr has a steep rise to outburst, followed by a more gradual decrease to quiescence. Let's keep a close eye on this suspected Z Cam and see if something interesting is going on here or not. This kind of activity a magnitude fainter than maximum, if observed previously, might be the reason it has been suspected of 'Z Cam-ness' in the past.

This is the first hint we've had that this star does anything out of the ordinary since the beginning of the Z CamPaign.

Mike Simonsen