VPhot System Status - Thursday Evening

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Thu, 03/22/2012 - 21:19


Reconstructing the VPhot node has taken a bit more time than we anticipated, but we're making very significant progress.

Basically UCAC3 data has to be uploaded to the VPhot server so that astrometry can be done on the incoming images - so they can be plate solved. The upload of the UCAC3 data did not go as planned last night, so I spent all of today uploading the UCAC3 data - all 5.4GB or so - into place on the VPhot server.

Things are not being done serially! With most of the other system components in place Geir took the images that we'd been able to recover in people's directories and reprocessed them. This was over 10,000 images. Since they'd already been plate solved, this didn't require the UCAC3 data and didn't need as much time per image. Still, 10,000 images with the old server we expect would have taken about 2 days. This took 6 hours.

With that done, and with the UCAC3 data in place, we'll continue on to testing of the system. When that is finished - which I expect it to be early Friday afternoon (because of the time difference between here and Norway) we'll be re-opening the new server for official business.
Doc Kinne