What We Do

The AAVSO coordinates, evaluates, compiles, processes, publishes, and disseminates variable star observations to the astronomical community throughout the world.

Jessica Johnson and Kris Larsen

Observers send their data to Headquarters, where they are checked, processed, and added to the AAVSO International Database. The data are available through the AAVSO website. The AAVSO and its observers frequently provide the professional community with archival data, intensive monitoring of interesting variable stars, and target-of-opportunity event notification for coordinated observing campaigns and satellite observations.

AAVSO publications provide the astronomical community with valuable information. The type of published information is diverse, and includes:

Education and Outreach
The AAVSO is actively involved in education and outreach. We have several programs designed to assist with disseminating information to educators and the public.

  • AAVSO Forums cover a range of topics for the use of members, observers, researchers and others interested in polite and constructive discussion.
  • Mentor Program is available to any observer requesting personal instruction in observing techniques and methods.
  • Presentation Library offers free powerpoint presentations on variable stars, observing techniques, and other astronomical topics.
  • Variable Star Astronomy (VSA) is a flexible set of hands-on educational materials, activities, and investigations, based on the AAVSO’s unique electronic database of variable star measurements.
  • AAVSO Meetings give members and observers a unique opportunity to present and exchange ideas.  Everyone interested in the AAVSO and its activities is invited and encouraged to participate in these exciting events.