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What Should I Observe?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is What stars should I observe? The answer is that you should observe whatever stars work well with your equipment and that you enjoy most - we do not make assignments! However, if you would like suggestions, here are some to help you along.

AAVSO Alert Notices for Observing Campaigns and Discoveries - Announcements of discoveries and observing campaigns as requested by professional astronomers.

AAVSO Binocular Program - A list of 153 popular stars that are suitable for binocular observers.

Easy to Observe Stars - A selection of good stars for beginning visual observers to start with.

AAVSO Target Tool - This tool provides you with lists of observing targets for each observing section as well as information on when the stars were last observed.

AAVSO Long Period Variable (LPV) Legacy Program - These are LPVs which have been monitored for a long time (over 100 years in some cases) and we want to make sure the observations continue!

AAVSO Cataclysmic Variable (CV) Legacy Program - A list of CVs which have been followed for at least 25 years.

Observing Sections - Each individual observing section publishes their own lists of stars to observe. Why not browse for ideas?

More Observer Tools, Resources, and References

Reports and Notifications

Charts and Sequences

Learn about individual variable stars



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