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NGC 6811

Alert Notice 339: Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Cataclysmic Variable Survey AND Preliminary NGC 6811 Deep and Wide Field Campaign Announcement

July 6, 2006


Dr. Patrick Godon (Villanova University) has requested help for a campaign to observe cataclysmic variables with the orbiting FUSE observatory. The goals of these observations are to help schedule the FUSE observing time and to obtain time series optical data simultaneously with the FUSE observations for correlation of the optical and ultraviolet data.

Alert Notice 341: NGC 6811 Deep and Wide Field Campaign

September 4, 2006: The AAVSO/CWST NGC 6811 Deep and Wide Field Campaign has begun. The Case-Western Schmidt Telescope (CWST) at Kitt Peak began observing the field on the evening of Sep. 1, 2006. This campaign is being coordinated with Dr. Steve Howell (NOAO). Background information and the scientific justification is available in AAVSO Alert Notice 339 located at this URL:

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