Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: Back Cover

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

Back Cover

 - Small versions of artwork for the months of January-December 2011

 - Text about the AAVSO and this calendar:

"The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) is a non-profit worldwide scientific and educational organization of amateur and professional astronomers who are interested in stars that change in brightness - variable stars.

"The AAVSO was founded in 1911 to coordinate variable star observations - made largely by amateur astronomers - for Harvard College Observatory. The AAVSO was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1918 as a non-profit scientific and educational organization and was headquartered in Cambridge, MA. Today, with members and observers in 52 countries, and an archive of over 18 milion variable star observations, it is the world's largest association of variable star observers. Membership in the AAVSO is open to anyone interested in variable stars and in contributing to the support of valuable reresearch.

"Amateur astronomers make a real and useful contribution to science by observing variable stars and submitting their observations to the AAVSO International Database.

"2010 marks the centennial of the AAVSO - a century of variable star observing annd contributing to science. This 2010 calendar celebrates the organization and its remarkable people as the AAVSO enters its second century of science."

- Caption for front cover photo: "Formal organization meeting of the AAVSO, Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 10, 1917."


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