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Northern T Tau stars campaign

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Northern T Tau stars campaign

AAVSO Alert Notice 725 announces an observing campaign on 13 Northern T Tau stars beginning now. Please see the Notice for details and observing instructions.

There are threads for this campaign under the following forums:

- Campaigns and Observation Reports:
- Young Stellar Objects: https//

Please subscribe to these threads if you are participating in the campaign so you can be updated by the astronomer and by HQ. Join in the discussion or ask questions there! HST observations are planned for these objects and the dates of those observations will be posted in this forum (they will not be announced in new Alert Notices).

Many thanks, and Good observing,

Elizabeth O. Waagen, AAVSO HQ


I was wondering if you can use dslr photometry TG data for this campaign.



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Finder chart for CVSO-58

Good day.

I just observed CVSO-58 (one target included in this campaign) for the past 2 nights (Nov 19-20, 2020). but I can't find any finder charts for this object. I think it has not yet been registered into the VSX yet.

Thank you very much. Clear skies.

Sebastian Otero
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Name spelling

CVSO 58 entry in VSX.

You are probably searching for CVSO-58 (with a dash) in VSP.
You will find it in VSX but not in VSP if you don't use the proper name.


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Finder chart for CVSO 58

You're right. My bad. Thanks for the correction.


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