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Special Notice #223: BL Lac object 3C 454.3 undergoing bright flare

November 18, 2010: As was noted by AAVSO observer E. Erdelyi (Carlsbad, CA, USA) in a post to cvnet-discussion, the BL Lac object 3C 454.3 (AUID 000-BDC-612) appears to be undergoing a bright flare; the object was recorded by Erdelyi at V=13.659(0.013) on 2010 November 10.2708 (JD 2455510.7708). The last flare of comparable brightness was observed in 2007, when the object reached V ~ 13.4 around JD 2454335 (late August 2007).

First High Energy Astrophysics Workshop, Spring 2000: Meeting Announcement

HEA Workshop Announcement

High-Energy Astrophysics Workshop for Amateur Astronomers
Sponsored by: NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center and
The American Association of Variable Star Observers

April 13-14, 2000
Huntsville Marriott Hotel, Huntsville, Alabama