The AAVSO's 100th Anniversary Meetings in the Pages of the AAVSO Journal

The special 100th anniversary issue of The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (JAAVSO, Vol. 40, No. 1, Parts A and B) celebrates the AAVSO's centennial by featuring papers presented at the 2011 Spring and Annual meetings of the AAVSO, as well as a section of thirteen invited review papers covering the latest developments in variable star astronomy.

Included in this special issue:

Group photographs taken at the 2011 Spring and Annual meetings

JAAVSO Review Series Highlight

As part of the AAVSO's Centennial Celebration the editors of the JAAVSO invited experts in the field to contribute a series of review articles to help our readership better understand the current state of astronomy and astrophysics as we head into the next century of the AAVSO's existence. We will be highlighting a number of these articles here. The review series was  published in JAAVSO volume 40, number 1.