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Charts and Sequences Update January 2012

There are over 100 new and revised charts and sequences since the last update in November. Many of these are for stars in the newly formed YSO Section Program, southern stars with new photometry from APASS and campaign targets. The rest are revisions based on issues reported to CHET and requests for new sequences from our observers.

Bob Nelson's Database of Eclipsing Binary O-C Files

Nelson Database of Eclipsing Binary O-C Files

Bob Nelson has developed over 5400 O-C (Observed - Computed) files of eclipsing binaries, all in Excel format, that we are hosting on our site. The purpose is to provide information on period variation for selected eclipsing binaries (for astronomers interested in a particular star) and to determine the best elements for predicting future eclipses.

AAVSO Bulletin Generator

The following form will allow you to generate a customized copy of the AAVSO Bulletin suited to your needs.  You may select stars from a given constellation, range of Right Ascension and/or Declination, or simply type in a list of stars you would like returned.  You may also customize the page that's output by color-coding the months depending upon the brightness of the star, and also limit output to a single month.  Leaving all options blank will give you the complete list of stars in this issue of the Bulletin with no color added to the table.