BL Lacertae

"Twinkle, twinkle quasi-star
Biggest puzzle from afar
How unlike the other ones
Brighter than a billion suns
Twinkle, twinkle, quasi-star
How I wonder what you are."
- George Gamow, "Quasar" 1964.


P Cygni

P Cygni from the 
Second Digital Sky Survey
A one-degree field of view image of P Cygni, taken from the Second Digital Sky Survey, combining the blue, red, and near-infrared plates in false color (Image courtesy

FU Orionis

All in the FUor Family

Image of FU Ori obtained by Cesar Briceño (Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia (CIDA), Merida, Venezuela) with the 1.2-m telescope at the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, Mt.

T Tauri

An Interesting Neighborhood to Live In

The variable star T Tauri was discovered on an October night in 1852 by John Russell Hind. Hind, a noted asteroid hunter, is credited with having discovered 11 minor planets, as well as Nova Ophiuchi 1848 and R Leporis (also known as Hind's Crimson Star).