What to do if no AAVSO Comp Stars

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:58

I just started using vPhot and LOVE it. I'm in the process of testing ACP Scheduler to maximize my imaging time between CV time series and I have a bunch of single images in V of CVs that I wanted to use in vPhot and report magnitudes for. Everything is working fine until I come across some variables that have no AAVSO charts/Comps. Of the 20 or so images last night I have 8 FOV that have no comps to load into vPhot and have no idea what to do with those observations currently.

FOV were for :

OR And
HV And
v499 And
NSVS J0016550+573153 - save FOV as DK Cas not in db so wouldn't let me upload it to webobs
2MassJ0051816+5351408 - same FOV as v452 Cas not in db so wouldn't let me upload to webobs
v592 Cas
v709 Cas
NSV 15096

Most we just no comp star info to load onto image

Wm. Mack Julian II
aavso: JWN

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Need Comp Stars? Here's what you do...

 Hi Wm Mack,

For stars that WebObs does not recognize you need to check VSX to see
if they are listed in the known variable stars. Check things like the
format and spaces in your search, ie- NSV 1234 vs NSV1234, etc. You
can search by coordinates also to be sure they are not included. If
they are not in VSX submit them. Then AUIDs will be assigned and you
will be able to submit observations when they are approved.


For fields that do not contain comp stars you can load to VPHOT, you
can make requests to the chart and sequence team here-


If reliable photometry, suitable for CCD observations is available you
are liable to be surprised at how quickly we can fill those requests.

Good Luck,