People, Contacts

The AAVSO has also set up forums, accessible via the main website, to discuss everything from governance to photometry to different types of variable stars.  There is a forum for Eclipsing Binary Stars -- please consider using that as a source for information and place for discussion.

There are two co-leaders of the EB section.  For situations where the AAVSO Forum is not a suitable means of communication, they can be contacted as follows.

Gerry Samolyk (SAH):  Co-leader, Legacy Program and Publications.  Gerry has been involved with the EB Committee for many years, and continues to support observing of Legacy EBs by preparing an ephemeris for them (the info about what to observe, when), and highlighting interesting stars.  He will publish collected times of minima from observers who choose not to prepare publications themselves, both of Legacy stars, and others.