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How-To Hours:

Information from Periodic Star Light Curves – part 2: Eclipsing Binaries and O-C Diagrams
by Gary Billings
presented October 2, 2021

Information from Periodic Star Light Curves – part 1: Describing Periodic Phenomena
by Gary Billings
presented September 4, 2021


International Observation Campaign of Eclipse of EE Cephei in 2020
by Dariusz Kubicki
presented October 9, 2021
(NOTE: This talk begins at 1:01:37 on the video.)

Eclipsing Binaries Observing Section Webinar
by Gerry Samolyk
presented on July 11, 2020

How to plan observing of eclipsing binaries when ephemerides are out of date
by Bob Buchheim, Gary Billings, Eric Dose, Sebastian Otero, Bert Pablo, and Gerry Samolyk
presented April 15, 2020
Supporting document: LessObsdEBs_revisedJuly2020.pdf

Other Presentations:

How To Make O-C Diagrams (Powerpoint Document)
by Gary Billings
from his talk at the AAVSO Annual Meeting - 2019