Software Resources

  • The AAVSO facility VPHOT is available to members for processing CCD images and performing photometry.
  • AIP4WIN, astronomical image processing software that accompanies the book The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing, by Berry and Burnell.  Many observers find this software inexpensive, functional, and easy to use.
  • The AAVSO program VStar is a platform-independent data analysis package for analyzing astronomical time-series data.  It does not yet have a module for computing the time-of-minimum of an EB time-series.
  • Peranso is a multi-purpose shareware program for analysis of astronomical time-series data.  If you use it to determine ToMs, ensure you are using version 2.50 or later.
  • Bob Nelson's program "minima" is available from the Variable Stars South website.  It can compute ToMs using a variety of different algorithms.  Also, his program "EBmin" generates predictions of minima suitable for observation from your location.