charts and sequences updates

Charts and Sequences Update January 2015

With APASS data release 8 filling in most of the remaining areas of sky with reliable secondary standards, the sequence team has been busy filling the remaining standing requests. This latest batch of new and revised sequences also has many newly discovered CVs from ASASSN, as well as sequences for RCB, NR and ZAND objects in the AID and VSX. You can downoad the list as either an .xlsx or .csv file.

Charts and Sequences Update May 2014

The following objects have been given new or revised sequences since January 1, 2014. If you observe any of these objects, please check to see you have the latest versions of the charts and sequences for your targets.

A full listing of new and revised sequences, for this year and going back to 2009, is available here on Google Drive. You can also download this list as .xlasx or .csv below.

Charts and Sequences Update June 2013

Improvements to existing sequences and creation of new sequences for newly discovered and previously known variables continues at a brisk pace. Below is a list of new or revised sequences adopted since April 4, 2013.

If you observe any of these stars, please be sure you are using th most recent version of the comparison star sequence on your charts.

This list is attached below in .csv and .xlsx formats for your convenience.

Charts and Sequences Update December 2012

The following charts (listed in order by constellation) have new or revised sequences since September 28, 2012. This list is quite long and includes all the stars in the new Binocular Program. A .csv file is available as an attachment here at the bottom of the page as well.

If you observe any of these stars please update your charts as soon as possible.

Charts and Sequences Updates September 2012

The latest release of APASS has allowed us to create new sequences and improve older sequences for hundreds of stars.

If you would like to request a new comparison star sequence for a star that currently does not have one please see the instructions for doing so located here.

If you find an error or have issues with an existing sequence, please submit those to CHET.