HS 2214+2845

Special Notice #363: HS 2214+2845 (= V513 Peg) obs critical now

July 16, 2013: Based on your observations, the HST/COS team will be making the final decision tomorrow afternoon (2013 July 17) or the next morning whether to observe the dwarf nova HS 2214+2845 = V513 Peg on:

V513 Peg (HS 2214+2845) 2013 July 18 21:08:59 through July 19 01:04:23 UT

V513 Peg is 16.8V at minimum and 12.5V at maximum. Please monitor V513 Peg closely through July 19.

Special Notice #360: CC Scl observations critical this week

June 24, 2013: HST/COS is scheduled to observe the SU UMa-type dwarf nova CC Scl:

CC Scl   2013 June 27 02:12:04 through 05:39:30 UT

The HST team will be making a final decision early on June 26 about observing CC Scl based substantially on your observations, so they are essential.