VY Scl

Alert Notice 841: VY Scl coverage needed now for HST ToO observations

Notes: HST will not be able to observe VY Scl at this time, so the observations have been canceled. However, the data being obtained by you continue to be extremely valuable to the astronomers, and continuing coverage is requested until after VY Scl has returned to its bright state. Thank you!  -  Elizabeth O. Waagen, January 31, 2024

Special Notice #75: Monitoring of TT Ari in support of MOST observations

October 22, 2007: The Microvariability and Oscillations of Stars (MOST) Satellite will conduct a targeted photometric observing campaign on the cataclysmic variable TT Ari, beginning 2007 October 23 UT (JD 2454397) and concluding on 2007 October 28 (JD 2454402). This observing program was proposed by a group of Austrian amateur astronomers who proposed to the "MOST fuer Alle" program of the University of Vienna, the Austrian partner project of the MOST collaboration's "My Own Space Telescope" program for Canadian observers.

Alert Notice 386: Low state of VY Scl

October 2, 2008 : The cataclysmic variable VY Scl appears to have recently entered a low state according to observations recently submitted to the AAVSO. Javier Temprano reports positive detections of VY Scl at CV=17.46 on JD 2454730.46181 (2008 Sept 20.9618) and at CV=18.23 on JD 2454730.572 (2008 Sept 21.072).  All other recent AAVSO and ASAS-3 (Pojmanski, G.

Alert Notice 389: Support for VLT spectroscopy of the novalike variable VY Scl

November 11, 2008 : Dr. Steve Howell (NOAO, Tucson) informs us that he has been awarded time to obtain spectroscopic observations of the cataclysmic variable VY Scl with the Very Large Telescope in Chile. These observations are being  sought during VY Scl's current deep minimum, which began some time before 2008 September 20 (JD 2454730). VLT observations are scheduled via prioritized queue, and the exact observation time is not yet known; however, observations are expected within 1-2 weeks.

Special Notice #362: OR And and AX For obs critical now

July 8, 2013: The VY Scl variable OR And continues in its low state, so it has been scheduled for HST/COS observations. Based on your observations, the HST/COS team will be making the final decision tomorrow morning (2013 July 9) whether to observe OR And on:

OR And 2013 July 10 11:47:01 through 15:56:12 UT

OR And is ~18V in its low state and ~14.5V in its high state.

Special Notice #360: CC Scl observations critical this week

June 24, 2013: HST/COS is scheduled to observe the SU UMa-type dwarf nova CC Scl:

CC Scl   2013 June 27 02:12:04 through 05:39:30 UT

The HST team will be making a final decision early on June 26 about observing CC Scl based substantially on your observations, so they are essential.