AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry Database

The AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry Database comprises robotically-processed photometry obtained from all images taken with AAVSOnet telescopes.  The major component of this database are observations from the Bright Star Monitor network, as these telescopes have taken the majority of images.  There are smaller datasets from telescopes that were only operational during the early days of AAVSOnet, covering fewer targets but going much deeper and often with high cadence (time series).  For all current telescopes, the intent is to provide public access to older dat

The AAVSO Research Portal

Welcome to the AAVSO's Research Portal.  From this page, you can find information about obtaining AAVSO data, requesting new observations, or learning more about the AAVSO, its data, and its services for the research community.  Its purpose is to facilitate your use of the AAVSO's resources in your research efforts.

See the gray boxes on the right hand side of this page to access the AAVSO data archives or to find out  how to work with the AAVSO to obtain new scientific data.


How to Write an AAVSOnet Proposal

The AAVSO has recently formed a a telescope allocation committee (TAC) to review proposals for AAVSOnet observing time. After reviewing a few proposals, it became clear that proposers needed guidance on how to write proposals that allow the TAC to do its job effectively. This document is an attempt to provide that guidance. If you are new to CCD observing or lack experience writing an observing proposal, the TAC will be happy to assist you in preparing a proposal or to suggest a mentor that can help you.