Message from AAVSO Director, Arne Henden

As I mentioned in my Director’s Report last Fall, I will be retiring on or about February 1, 2015 (about 18 months from now).   I wanted to announce this early, so as to give the Search Committee sufficient time to find the right replacement.  Therefore, the search process is taking place a bit earlier than would normally be expected, so as to provide a good overlap between myself and the next Director.  Kevin and Mario have put together an excellent Committee, with a breadth of experience and expertise.

Job Description: AAVSO Director

The American Association of Variable Star Observers has initiated a search process for its next Director, to start February 1, 2015.  Application deadline is September 30, 2013.

The AAVSO Director acts as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of the Organization.  The Director reports to the AAVSO Council, which is the governing board for the non-profit corporation.  The CEO & CSO dual role is unique for most scientific organizations, and the duties are wide-ranging.

Words of Remembrance for Janet A. Mattei


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Our prayers are with Janet and Michael, I lost my father last month who got me started in astronomy. This year has started out rough for me with the lost of my father and Janet. I am happy to know that when I look up at the night sky I know that my father and Janet are looking down at me and encouraging me to keep observing variable stars. —Paul Kneipp