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LPV of the Month (Original: September, 2018)

S Aurigae

A Carbon Star


This month's Long Period Variable (LPV) star, S Aur, should be a treat for Visual observers. S Aur is a fairly bright but very dark red Carbon star.  It’s B-V index is between ~3.5 to ~5, making it a very red object. (The B-V ratio seems to change over time, which might be investigated in the future with a focus on the B, V, and Ic bands.)

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LPV of the Month August, 2018

R Leo Minoris

R LMi is an interesting Mira star that has been observed by AAVSO observers and members since 1865.  Over 21,000 observations are in the AID from over 900 different observers as can be seen in the light curve shown below which displays all observations in the AID.  It is one of the Legacy LPV Program stars.  It was observed initially in the 1860’s-1870’s before a cessation in observations occurred.  Reasonable coverage did not commence again until the establishment of the AAVSO in 1911.